1. Choose your Base Wisely

When booking your last-minute shopping break be savvy with your choice of hotel. Opting for accommodation in the heart of the city ensures you can pop in and out of your rooms as your purchases stack up and you won’t be left laden with bags and miles from comfort.

2. Plan Plan Plan

Christmas lists aren’t just for kids. If you want to be organised and find all the gifts you need, get them all written down. A simple list of items is a good start but you can do a little extra research and even note down where you plan to buy each item. It can help with getting around the city quickly getting hold of everything you need.

3. Make the most of Click and Collect

If you know you want to pick up gifts from the big department stores and retailers in the city, then save time and reserve your presents in advance online. By utilising Click and Collect you can avoid the stressful queues in the biggest shops and head straight for your gifts, ticking some essentials off that all-important list.

4. Choose your Area

If you’re in London on a shopping spree and also want to see some of the sights, then it makes sense to stay central. However, if you’re on a stealth mission to get hold of a huge range of gifts, consider scouting out a specific area of London for the right shops for your needs. Locals all have their favourite areas but finding yours doesn’t have to be difficult.

Designer boutiques and high-end fashion can be found in and around Bond Street, Oxford Street is your packed-out high street haven and independent and quirky boutiques can be found in and around Carnaby. It can be tempting to spend your time exploring the famous department stores of the city but if you’re dedicated to completing your list, it could be worth sticking to less packed-out shopping areas.

5. Enjoy Yourself

A shopping spree in London, even with Christmas gifts to pick up, shouldn’t be all about hard work and no play. Make the most of your time in the city. If you can’t stop when you’re shopping, be sure to enjoy one of the brilliant winter pop-ups, rooftop bars or festive Christmas experiences after you’ve recovered from your storm around the shops. There are plenty of places to stop for a drink or a bite to eat as you shop, which can be just what you need to refuel and get back to
securing those all-important, must-have gifts.