Design your London Itinerary

When you visit our map, you can explore the whole of London. Create and download your own personalised itinerary in a few short minutes and you can also check the prices and availability of our fifteen hotels well-located across the city, near some of the biggest attractions and most festive celebrations. Our 4* and 5* hotels are just perfect for a Christmas break and ensure you are right in the heart of the festive action.

Simply visit our map link: and get started. Begin by choosing the dates and length of your stay and then add in who you will be travelling with. It’s likely you’ll want a different kind of break with your mates than with the whole family and who knows how much fun you could have when travelling alone. There is also the option of choosing your preferred glh hotels brands from our four London options: Amba, every, Guoman and Thistle so only the most relevant hotels are shown when you get your results. The final element of your personalised map is where you can tailor exactly what you want from your trip. With three categories: Shopping, Fun and Culture and Sightseeing, you can tell us exactly how much of each of these activities you plan to do.

Once you’ve entered all your info our interactive map takes over and creates your unique festive London map. A whole range of potential days out, attractions and shopping experiences will be highlighted, alongside our hotels, and it’s up to you to pick and choose those which most take your fancy. You can add them to your itinerary with a simple drag and drop and we’ve even made it possible to check prices and opening date and times of all attractions too, so you can plan your schedule down to the minute.

Our map features the top shops and arcades in the city as well as one-off performances and events such as Christmas Lights Switch On events, theatre shows and market days. Whether you’re planning a traditional tourist escapade, a shopping spree or a cultural weekend away, our interactive Christmas map is designed to make it easy to find everything you need in one place.