Christmas is that time of year when everyone loves to pull out all the stops and give family, and friends something extra special, be it a festive soiree with drinks or a huge Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.

At Amba Hotels we care about our guests and always take pride in being the best hosts we can be. So we asked our dedicated teams to share their top hosting tips and hopefully a little bit of inspiration on how to wow your guests this festive season.

Tip 1.
Always be accommodating
Whether it’s dietary requirements, specific preferences or health issues always be considerate of your guests’ needs. Our concierge, Paul, told us he will always offer assistance where guests particularly need it. He regularly tops up the Oyster Card of one of our elderly customers who struggles with the tube stairs. Sometimes simple gestures make a huge difference to your guests.

Tip 2.
Take note of your guests’ favourite things
It might be a favourite tipple or something they said they loved last time. Remembering what your guests like and don’t like shows special consideration and a level of attention to detail sure to delight them. We like to take note of our regular guests’ preferences such as seasonal wine choices so they can always expect what they like to be waiting for them, and to feel special.

Tip 3
Remember mistakes can always be salvaged
We once had a guest staying with her daughter and, unfortunately, her Corgi soft toy was accidentally taken with the linen. She was so upset. Thankfully, we located the Corgi with the linen company but before we sent it back to Ireland we brought a little Queens Guard (soft toy) from Buckingham Palace to send with it along with a note saying he is here to look after the Corgi in the future. Mistakes happen but a perfect host will breeze through them and add a little humour or perhaps pour a little more wine!

Tip 4
Avoid keeping people waiting
Understandably our guests hate to be kept waiting. Sometimes issues that cause delays such as a minor cooking crisis or a technical hitch are just beyond your control. However, a host or hostess with the mostest knows how to divert attention so your guests will never even notice. Occasionally we’ll experience problems affecting our check in system, highly inconvenient to our customers. But Luiza is expert at engaging our guests in interesting conversations that keep them entertained so they often don’t notice. Have some interesting topics, party games and tasty nibbles up your sleeve for such occasions.

Tip 5.
Go that extra mile
A perfect host will always add those special touches that raise the bar. Surprise your guests, either with something a little bit different or personal touches they won’t be expecting. Our Porter, Mohamed once delivered a large bag of dog food to one of our guests who couldn’t take it home with them because of weight restrictions. He lives in Egypt! Mohamed has family there himself and was visiting so not that many extra miles were needed but it is the thought that will always wow your guests.