Valentine’s Day is creeping up on us and whether you are taking a loved one out, having a night with friends or simply treat it like any other Thursday, we’ve come up with a selection of activities you might want to partake in.


When you Want to Treat that Special Someone

Kitty Fisher’s

Located in Mayfair, Kitty Fisher’s is an intimate restaurant with blush pink booths and candlelight for days. This is a restaurant for looking at each other lovingly, hand-holding and whispering sweet nothings in each other’s ears, all the while chowing down on Iberico Presa or Cherries with Milk Ice Cream.


When you are just not that funny

The Book Club

Rely on someone else, head to Pundemonium at The Book Club in Shoreditch, an evening filled with, well, puns. Those involved include comedians, poets and writers and they compete with members of the public in witty wordplay. Whether you attend with friends or a partner you are guaranteed a giggle or two.


When you want to avoid an awkward moment

Dans Le Noir

Look no further than Dans Le Noir, mainly because – you can’t see. The concept of this restaurant? Dining in the pitch black. Which means if you happen to miss your mouth while eating, go beetroot at any form of a compliment or simply want to sink into your seat because you are shaking with nerves – they won’t see a thing.


When you don’t like Valentines Day

Inner Space

Grab that bundled up anger against Valentine’s day and it’s consumerist roots and release it through meditation. You will leave floating on a cloud of happiness. Roses? What are they?


When you want to impress

Library Bar at The Ned

Head to a stunning bar that’s hidden behind a large and beautiful curtain. Surprise your date with a selection of thirty champagnes, encourage them to design their own martini or pick a cocktail off the menu to have ready for them when they arrive. If the date is going well, order a dozen oysters – when in Rome!


When you want to show that you are ‘down with the kids’


Hot dogs and champagne? It’s a bit of an odd one. With the visible red brick and a unique combination of food and drink this is a millennial hipsters dream, but is it so hipster it’s not even hipster anymore? Sip on some bubbles and combine it with a hot dog smothered in Buffalo sauce, it’s the fusion no one knew you needed. 


When you’ve been together forever

Isabella Plantation

Whether it’s with your partner, a friend or simply yourself – you know you don’t need to impress but you still want to do something special, head to the Isabella Plantation. Wander around a 40-acre woodland garden situated in Richmond Park, surround yourself with Azaleas, Rhododendrons and Camellias and reminisce about the good times.


When you are the Grinch of Valentines Day

This is not a Valentines Pub Quiz

“You’re invited to a night of pub quizzing, performance, speed hating and dating fails on 14 February at Toynbee Studios.” They will be serving ‘anti-aphrodisiac platters’ and giving out free cocktails on arrival.


When Sharing is Caring

Arthur Hooper’s

Overlooking Borough Market, Arthur Hooper’s is a well-designed wine bar with a selection of small plates to share. Food includes roasted cod, harissa butter beans and lamb and bulgar meatballs. You just so happened to ‘stumble upon’ this cute restaurant on Valentines Day, your date doesn’t have to know you booked it a month in advance…


When you just want to do something

Movie Nights at the Museum

It doesn’t matter who you spend it with, you just know you want to do something different this year. Well, look no further than movie nights at the Natural History Museum, they are showing six classic films, a mix of Valentine and anti-Valentine. Choose from a selection of movies such as The Notebook, Kill Bill or A Star is Born and watch surrounded by history.


What kind of person are you on Valentine’s Day?