At Amba Hotels, we conducted in-depth research to find out what travellers really appreciate when they stay at a hotel. It turns out that an interminably slow blue loading line and being asked to re-enter your credit card details every 15 minutes were not top of your lists. Fast, free, unlimited Wi-Fi on the other hand, was right up there.

But don’t just take our word for it – TV presenter and life coach, Jeff Brazier is one of Amba Charing Cross Hotel’s first guests to have experienced and benefitted from our hotel technology. As he says, “My job means I need to be connected. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to pay for rubbish Wi-Fi, or even worse, being told the Wi-Fi is free, but it’s slow and limits the amount you can up- and download. I’m pleased to see that Amba Hotels are leading the way by offering fastest, free and unlimited Wi-Fi in the UK. I hope the rest of the travel industry will take note and follow suit.”

You can hear more from Jeff here:

What we want most here at Amba Hotels is for our guests to enjoy their stay with us, and to feel they can come back again and again and enjoy the same excellent, personalised service. So we placed an emphasis on providing you with the Wi-Fi you need, absolutely free of charge. So go ahead, FaceTime your kids and show off the massive bed. Download the album you heard about on your way over. Book your evening meal and check into your flight without any spinning wheels of madness or impenetrable buffering zones.

It’s not just about the internet, of course – you’re also here to sleep, eat, drink, relax and have fun. So as well as our fast free Wi-Fi, you can rest easy in the knowledge you’re going to get a great night’s sleep in a super-comfy bed, wake up to a rainfall shower, free quality Nespresso® and fresh milk while you’re getting ready. Hairdriers that actually dry all your hair. A full English breakfast (or whatever else you feel like eating, we’re not control freaks). Choose your own viewing on your Smart TV, browse the surrounding highlights on your in-room iPad…. and the service doesn’t stop when you step out the door either.

At Amba Hotels, we like to give you a little more, and we’re truly proud of our staff. They are all friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated to being as helpful as they can be, especially when it comes to your new local area. Whether it’s that hotly-tipped restaurant, a cosy corner bar, the latest thing in theatre or just a quiet park to go and gather your thoughts, we can point you there. Too comfy lounging in your room munching on the free minibar to ask a member of staff? No problem, we have a list of local guides for you to browse and test out at your leisure. Why not have a quick look here to get you started.

You won’t even have to go far either – and in a city the size of London, that’s really saying something. Our very first Amba Hotel is located in Charing Cross, right at the heart of the capital and just steps from Trafalgar Square and the Strand. That means the best shopping, eating and drinking establishments are right on your doorstep, as well as all forms of transport options. Wherever it is you need to go, however fast you want to get there, Amba Hotels will make sure you arrive refreshed, rested and ready for whatever your day holds. So you can relax and enjoy yourselves a little more.