Speakeasies come in many shapes and sizes but more often than not have an extensive and delicious cocktail menu.

Speakeasies originally came about during the prohibition era in the USA and were known for their raucous parties which often included live music or a performance and where free-flowing alcohol, consumed illicitly, only increased the exciting buzz in the atmosphere.

Whether you are looking for somewhere different for a tipple on your visit to London or simply want a delicious cocktail in an unusual surrounding, here’s a list of a few you should try.

69 Colebrooke Row

This bar doesn’t actually have a name, so its address has become the unofficial label.

How do you find it?
Located in Islington, it’s a red brick building with the only clue of the bar being a classic black lantern with the number ‘69’ on it. 

What will you find?
The interior is what can only be described as an old school Italian Cafe, it’s small and therefore the perfect place for an intimate drink.

We like the sound of:
The ‘Silver Gypsy’ – cocoa butter vodka, yoghurt syrup, lemon juice and lemon bitters.

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Discount Suit Company

This bar is named after the original business in this premises.

How do you find it?
It is located close to Spitalfields market and Liverpool Street station, and you will be able to see the classic shop sign ‘Discount Suit Company’.

What will you find?
It is within the original storeroom of the suit company with classic brick walls, red leather seats and a friendly atmosphere.

We like the sound of:
The ‘Texan Tommy’ – bourbon, Madeira, ginger beer syrup and Chuncho bitters.

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The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

Let the staff know that you are there ‘to see the Mayor’.

How do you find it?
Go to the Breakfast Club on Artillery Lane and head towards the Smeg Fridge. A secret passageway through the fridge that leads you into a bar filled with art and vintage furniture.

We like the sound of:
The ‘Zacapa Su Casa’ – Zacapa, Plantation 3yr Rum, coconut cream, lime, mango, pineapple and bitters.

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